Commercial and Construction Disputes

Our firm provides negotiation, mediation, arbitration and private adjudication services for the resolution of commercial and construction disputes.

Our experience includes construction disputes in British Columbia and the United Kingdom. It also includes the mediation of partnership disputes, professional negligence and commercial contract disputes.

What We Do


We design and deliver customised workshops for all major players in the construction project to develop enhanced communication, problem-solving and dispute-resolution capacities within the new team.


Arbitration is an expedited adversarial process. With the consent of the parties, we use a "time guillotine" approach to manage the process. Each side has a predetermined amount of time to present its case.


We develop a strategic negotiation plan with your team and provide its members with key skills and strategies.


We offer a non-binding process that provides recommendations within 28 days for the management of disputes.

Services We Offer

Commercial and Construction


We act as mediator. Mediation is a managed and facilitated negotiation for dispute resolution. The disputing parties retain control over the final outcome.


With the consent of the parties, a binding decision is made within 28 days adopting procedures used most successfully in the U.K. construction industry.

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This paper is available through Kluwer Law International, the world's leading online resource for international commercial arbitration research.