Regulated Professionals

Providing legal advice and legal representation to professionals applying for registration or facing complaints, investigations or disciplinary proceeding.

The Law regarding the regulation of professionals is a complex of criminal and civil legal principles that underlie various statutory, bylaw, and ethical regimes that govern professionals.

In this challenging area of the law our firm has the knowledge and the experience to provide legal analysis, strategic counsel, advice and representation with a view to protecting and advancing your rights in a rigorous and timely manner, while seeking to avoid costly hearings.

What We Do

Registration and Credentials

Advising on applications and procedures for registration and admission to your chosen profession.

Interim Practice Restrictions

Acting to ensure that only the most legally supportive decisions are made by the regulator that take full account of your rights to practise your profession.

Complaint Investigation

Acting to ensure that your rights are protected during the investigation of a complaint and that you are treated with fairness throughout.

Complaint Resolution

Negotiating with the regulatory body to achieve an efficient and effective resolution of the issues consistent with what is most important to you.

Disciplinary Hearings

Strategic advocacy in the conduct of the hearing to strongly advance your interests and to ensure fairness.

Appeals and Judicial Review

Appearing before the Supreme Court or relevant appeals tribunal on applications for judicial review and appeals.