The injunction, "Primum non nocere" (First, do no harm) may be a good beginning for the analysis of ethical issues in most contexts.

Most regulated professions are governed by ethical statements or “Codes of Ethics”. Yet even where there is written guidance as to what constitutes ethical conduct in a given context or professional situation too many still get it wrong.

It is now painfully apparent that the question of ethics in business is no longer a matter for mere philosophical reflection. Hunches and intuitions (gut instinct) as to what is right conduct are insufficient. A written statement of ethical principles that guide or even govern the conduct of businesses and their officers and employees is more efficacious and provides an objective reference point for discussion about the ethical implications of any contemplated course of action. It provides not only a reference point but also a basis for accountability.

Our firm can assist in developing ethical guidelines and drafting codes of conduct or in providing counsel and advice regarding ethical issues.